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dërinice - Finalist of World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016


World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016 finalists and winners

The finalists and winners in the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016 – sponsored by Tetra Pak – were announced on 28 June, at special gala dinner during the 10th Global Dairy Congress in London, UK.

See the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016 winners & finalists on foodbev.com.

The judging panel considered 211 entries from 37 countries in 18 categories.


“The pace of change and real innovation demonstrated in the wide variety of entries in the tenth annual World Dairy Innovation Awards is evidence that the international food and beverage industry continues to deliver for the consumer,” said FoodBev Media director Bill Bruce.

“From exciting new flavours and ingredients to clever convenience packaging and measurable advances in environmental responsibility, the awards highlight the best of the best from both established companies and a growing number of start-ups. If you want to spot the coming trends in dairy, the World Dairy Innovation Awards provide all the clues you need.”



Movies featuring all entries in the awards, based on the presentation given at the Awards Gala Dinner are currently on FoodBev website.

 A complete list of finalists and winners in each category follows below...

Finalists and Winner's Products

Best Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt


  • Yasso - Dessert Disruptors 
  • Spring Sheep Milk Co New Zealand - Sheep Milk Gelato
  • Nanyang Polytechnic - Healthilicious


  • Koupe - Koupe

Best Yogurt


  • China Mengniu Dairy Company - Guanyiru Red+ 
  • TH Food Chain Joint Stock company - TH True Yogurt Natural Alove Vera
  • Noosa Yoghurt - Blackberry Serrano 
  • Trimona Foods - Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt 
  • Bright Dairy - 2 Fruits & 3 Vegetables


  • The Longevity Diet Foods - YoguDiet

Best New Cheese


  • Gay Lea Foods Cooperative - Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese 
  • Pinar - Go Cheese 
  • Totem Food - New Frozen Mascarpone


  • Gay Lea Foods Cooperative - Nothing But Cheese

Best Butter or Dairy Spread


  • Valio - Valio Better 
  • ButterVikings - Galder Butter


  • Pinar Dairy Co - Breakfast Cream with Pistachio Puree

Best Dairy Dessert


  • Jambo Production LLC - dërinice
  • Noosa Yoghurt - Mexican chocolate 
  • Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines - Nutriklim Sips


  • Pots & Co - Vanilla & Chocolate Pot

Best Dairy Drink


  • Berglandmilch - Schardinger Smoojo 
  • Reflex Nutrition Ltd - Protein Coffee
  • Morinaga Milk Industry Co - PREMIL with probiotic BB536 
  • Fairlife LLC - Fairlife ultra-filtered milk 
  • Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines - Nutriklim Sips 
  • Maverick Brands - Coco Libre Coconut Water


  • Mengniu Group - Hi Milk

Best Functional Dairy Product


  • Figo Brands Inc | forte Gelato - Forte Better in Every Way Gelato 
  • Morinaga Milk Industry Co - Aloeste Yogurt 
  • Fruzinga – High Fiber Probiotic Drinkable Yogurt 
  • Lactalis Puleva - PULEVA Omega 3 
  • Foxy’s Thoughtful Ice Cream – Premium Ice Cream with Probiotics & Less Sugar 
  • Maverick Brands - Coco Libre Coconut Water


  • Queue Marketing - Live Real Farms Energy Drink

Best Children's Dairy Product


  • Valio – Valio Play  Danone - Danonino 
  • Nanyang Polytechnic - Ig-Xotic 
  • Pepsi-Cola Philippines - Nutriklim Sips


  • Arla - Arla Big Milk

Brands and Businesses

Best Brand Extension


  • Gay Lea Foods Cooperative – Nordica Smooth 
  • Nordex Food – Taverna portion packs 
  • Maverick Brands – Coco Libre Coconut Water


  • Ornua Cooperative – Kerrygold Dubliner

Best new brand or business


  • Mengniu Group – Mengniu Hi Milk 
  • Arla Foods – B.O.B Best of Both 
  • Fairlife LLC –Ultra Filtered Milk


  • Top Line Milk – Low and Slow Milk


Best dairy ingredient


  • Fonterra – SureProtein WPC550 by NZMP 
  • Arla Food Ingredients – Nutrilac


  • New Francisco (Yunfu City) Biotechnology Corporation – King-Prebiotics

Packaging, Manufacturing and Processing

Best Dairy Packaging Innovation


  • Greatview Holdings – QR codes on aseptic packaging 
  • Plastic Technologies – Fairlife packaging 
  • Mengniu Group – Mengniu Hi Milk 
  • Nordex Food – Portion packs 
  • Klöckner Pentaplast Group – clikPET snapable PET packaging 
  • Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines – Nutriklim Sips
  •  Fauji Foods – House of Nurpur in Ecolean Air


  • Continuum – Dairy Squeeze Sour Cream

Best Dairy Packaging Design


  • Dragon Rouge – Danone Light & Free 
  • Grupo Imasd – ‘GO’ – Attitude is everything 
  • Amcor Europe – Kerry Foods Yollies Yogurt Lolly 
  • MS Iceland Dairies – Milk Provides Strength 
  • Spring Sheep Milk Co New Zealand – Sheep Milk Gelato


  • Mengniu Group – Mengniu Hi Milk

Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative


  • Afimilk – Realtime milk classification service 
  • Wood Energy Solutions – DairyPod Cogen


  • Arla Foods – Commitment to animal welfare and responsible antibiotic use


Best Corporate Social Responsibility Report or Initiative


  • MS Iceland Dairies – Milk provides strength 
  • Fair Cape Dairies – Fair Cape Cares Trust


  • Fairebel – A fair milk for a fair price

Best Brand Marketing Campaign or Activation


  • Arla Foods – A life without joy is no life at all 
  • Chobani – #NoBadStuff campaign 
  • Gay Lea Foods Cooperative – Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese campaign 
  • Queue Marketing – Live Real Farms product launch 
  • Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines – Nutriklim Sips Care-A-Van – Better to delay success than fail on time


  • Jimmy’s Iced Coffee – ‘Keep Your Chin Up’ rap

Best Dairy Product Which is 'Free From'


  • New Francisco (Yunfu City) Biotechnology Corporation – King-Prebiotics GOS100 
  • Tine – Litago


  • Only By Nature – Only By Nature frozen yogurt

Best Dairy Manufacturing or Processing Innovation


  • Gay Lea Foods Cooperative – Nothing but Cheese 
  • Oculer – Rapid, high-throughput assay technology 
  • Fairlife – Fairlife Plant in Coopersville, MI, USA


  • Suez Advanced Solutions – AQL500 Ice Pigging Machine for Product Recovery

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About 10th Global Dairy Congress

Now in their 10th year, the World Dairy Innovation Awards is the international dairy industry’s leading and most established awards scheme; celebrating innovation and excellence across every product category as well as seeking out the best in packaging, marketing, technology and sustainability. The World Dairy Innovation Awards are organised by UK-based FoodBev Media.

For more information, visit www.zenithinternational.com/events

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