2016 World Dairy Innovation Award Finalist

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  • Vanilla Bean Dream

    Vanilla Bean Dream

    Our vanilla bean ice cream will delight your senses with its dreamy creaminess and rich taste. Low-fat and high in protein Vanilla Bean Dream will be the ice cream you reach for when you want something cool and good for you taste!

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  • Dragon Green Tea

    Dragon Green Tea

    You no longer need to get the benefits of green tea in a cup. You can eat your antioxidants with a spoon! After a busy day you can relax with a cool treat while enjoying the benefits of our dessert. Not only that we use the finest green tea powder in the world you get the added bonus of the finest milk protein and the benefits of prebiotic fiber in one delicious serving.

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  • Midnight Chocolate Bliss

    Midnight Chocolate Bliss

    High in protein at 10 grams per serving, low fat plus rich and creamy chocolate, our Chocolate Bliss is no longer a guilty pleasure; it is a delightful treat.

    Regular chocolate eaters can have the benefit of a healthier heart, by lowering blood pressure, reducing "bad" LDL cholesterol and a lower risk of heart disease to name just a few. Plus chocolate lovers know it just makes you feel good.

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  • Chi Energy Coffee

    Chi Energy Coffee

    The perfect pick me up for after a workout, without the added sugar and fat of a store bought Latte. Packed with 10 grams of Protein to replenish tired muscles and refuel your body. It's a natural wake me up any time of day. Try it in a breakfast smoothie instead of a fat-laden muffin.

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  • Strawberry Chill

    Strawberry Chill

    Have you had your daily dose of fruit today? Experience the delight of the cool taste of Strawberry on a hot summer's day or just because it taste good. Our delicious and nutritious berry ice cream will make you happy. As an added benefit we fortify our low-fat dairy desserts with a blend of essential vitamins A and D3.

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